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No preservatives! Great with squeezed lemon or calamansi as a condiment to your favorite Pilipino dishes. Used for making authentic Pakbet Iloko. Also is used in making authentic bagoong rice.

Ingredients in making Authentic Bagoong Rice:

1. 2 pieces whole garlic (minced)

2. 6 tablespoon Cooking oil (your preference)

3. 8 tablespoon of Farm2Metro Bagoong Isda

4. Cooked white, brown, or red rice (Taste best with white rice) 

How to Prepare:

1. Heat frying pan with cooking oil;

2. Sauté minced garlic until golden brown in low heat;

3. Pour in the the Bagoong Isda and let it boil once. Lower heat until it thickens and let it cool down;

4. In another heated frying pan, place two (2) tablespoon of cooking oil;

5. Place cooked white rice in the pan and add about 4 tablespoon of the prepared bagoong isda and mix well until rice is evenly coated with the prepared bagoong isda. Add more to suit to taste;

6. Can be stored in room temperature or place in the refrigerator for next time use.

7. Can be prepared in quantities for quick usage. Storage life is 2-3 weeks should you want to prepare it in greater quantities